1920s Wartime Singing Group is an Aussie 5 piece acapella cabaret group who bring the swing and sass of war-time songs to contemporary Australian classics. The group know it's hard living in... READ MORE

80’s Rock Dancers for events

For those looking for something a little more peculiar, take a wander down sideshow alley, where delightful obscurities reside. Grinder girls, sword swallowers, how about a nap on a bed of n... READ MORE

Brisbane Accordion and Violin Duo/Gypsy Jazz Duo pay tribute to two of Paris’ great musical traditions both born from the streets, cafes and night spots of the French Capitol; the rich... READ MORE

Acoustic Union is a collaboration of likeminded acoustic musicians. The band is available to perform as a duo or trio ensemble. Acoustic Union have a passion for good handmade music, and are... READ MORE


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A partner acrobatic act of strength and balance, often enhanced with dance or comedy. Many styles of acts: statuesque beauty, comedic calamity, sassy cabaret plus many more. Available as a d... READ MORE

Andrew Sisters Tribute - A Modern Andrew Sisters Experience The 1940’s was a period of timeless music and history, The Andrew Sisters were the queens of this era and Big Band Swing rei... READ MORE

Australian Cowgirl Dancers for events


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Performing on any stage, anytime, in any country seems to be what these guys and girls were born to do! Using the blistering talents of four percussionists, Brisbane drumming group Bang! fus... READ MORE


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Brisbane Stilt Walkers group “Blax” - Strangers in a strange land, stalking and creeping on their long insect like legs. Where are they from? Why are they here? Beautiful and int... READ MORE

Brisbane BMX and unicycle stage acts. A professional circus artist with more than 20 years performance experience and is a sponsored QU-AX unicycle champion and currently holds a number of A... READ MORE

Brisbane Celtic Band formed in 2015 and have many years of musical experience performing at all types of events with the band rapidly becoming part of the Celtic music scene in Brisbane. The... READ MORE

Brisbane Irish Music Duo perform traditional Irish songs. Lively jigs and reels! Available in either duo and trio format for private parties, themed events, venue bookings, weddings and corp... READ MORE

Jason is a Brisbane magicians who has featured on the hit Tv Series Australia's Got Talent and performed 200 + shows at conferences, gala dinners, private parties, trade shows and much ... READ MORE

Brisbane Mariachi Band is a group of professional entertainers who sing in Spanish & English and come dressed in their formal embroiled tuxedoes & sombreros. A colourful armed group ... READ MORE

Brisbane Piano Accordion Player A plays a full range of French, Italian, Gypsy, Irish and Australian Bush style music. Available for Weddings and Parties Brisbane Piano Accordion Player A pr... READ MORE

Brisbane roving Latin Caribbean Salsa and Calypso Band performing Latin, Cuban, Mexican Mariachi Band, Calypso and Caribbean Pirates. Available in large or small lineups from 2 to 6 piece ba... READ MORE

Brisbane bush band “Bushland Boogie” have a repertoire that covers not only traditional Australiana, but also Classic Oz Rock, Country, Bluegrass, 60's and 70’s. The band h... READ MORE

The Carnival Roving Gypsy Band formed in 2000, and have been spreading joy and merriment through their music at many Festivals and Events in SE QLD. Comprised of piano accordion, mandolin a... READ MORE

Cheerleader Dancers for events.

Christmas Shows Dancers for events

Circus Carnival Dancers for events

Roving music amongst the tables during Dinner… Romantic French Waltzes, Spirited Tarantellas Passionate Gypsy, Wild Klezmer Sexy Latin, Russian Folk AND THEN…. Dance the night... READ MORE

A solitary contortionist twists and bends her body into intriguing positions, moving like liquid. Astonishing feats of flexibility, poise and balance will turn your mind inside out!

Brisbane magician and comedy entertainer Daz Buckley offers roving and stage magic shows for audiences of all ages. An experienced professional Brisbane-based performer currently performing ... READ MORE


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Brisbane Stilt Walkers group “Ente” - Gracefully arising above the ground, the public looks astonished when this Black & Red, long legged creature flutters along, seducing an... READ MORE


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Let us set your night ablaze with a raging inferno! From a solitary performer eating fire to a fully choreographed stage show with multiple performers spinning up a firestorm, this is sure t... READ MORE

Brisbane fire twirlers, fire breathers and fire dancers available for all occassions.   Stage ShowFire Dancers provide epic choreographed stage shows that amaze and engage. The best way... READ MORE

Brisbane French Music Trio Evoke visions of Parisian laneways, South American sensuality, and the unbridled joy of European folk-music. The music trio deliver an energetic, internationally-i... READ MORE

Brisbane Gypsy Jazz Band perform beautiful gypsy jazz music suitable for all occasions including: WeddingsCorporate EventsBirthday PartiesVenues Restaurants and Hotels Public ... READ MORE

Hand-balance is a solo performance of strength, grace and agility. Balancing atop delicate canes, she stands upon one hand with ease. A beautifully choreographed upside down dance.

Havana Party Band derives it's name and musical influences from the capital of Cuba and it's Latin Caribbean music, where in the 50's and 60's the African and Spanish influences created the ... READ MORE

Hollywood Dancers for events

An energetic and entertaining act as multiple Hula Hoops are manipulated around every part of the body! Great for getting the crowd pumping and, on occasion, joining in on the action!

Brisbane Stilt Walkers group “Jack’n’Jack” - Goofy mischief-makers, energetic, colourful and out for a good time. Always the innocent bystanders (not!) – playin... READ MORE

Juggling and Object Manipulation are classic circus acts that can be performed in almost any venue. Comedic, contemporary or classic, choose the style that works best for your event.

Brisbane Stilt Walkers group “Lip Service” - Under those demure veiled faces lies a mischievous sense of humour. A cheekiness that is reflected in Lip Service’s costuming, ... READ MORE

Brisbane Stilt Walkers group “Ma’Amselle Claire” - Effervescent, exquisite, Ma’amselle Claire steps lightly with beauty and grace. Enveloped in her cloud of bubbles M... READ MORE

Marching Band Dancers for events

Marilyn is alive! Look Once Look Twice and you'll never look away. She not only looks-alike but sounds and acts like the real thing. A uncanny resemblance and amazing stage presence is an un... READ MORE

Magician Matt Hollywood - Introducing an act that your guests will NEVER forget. Matt has won numerous magic awards for his art including Australian Champion of Magic and now the coveted 'Au... READ MORE

The Memphis Moovers will: - Shake rattle & roll you! - Flip flop & fly you! - You'll Move baby move! But "That's Altight Mama" because the Memphis Moovers have hit town! Dressed in c... READ MORE

Brisbane Caricature Artist “Nigel Bell” provides caricatures as an online service, or an at-home or in-the-workplace entertainment. Caricaturing is the stylized portrait of an in... READ MORE

Oktoberfest Dancers for events.

Retro 60s Dancers for events

Retro 70s Dancers for events

Retro 80s Dancers for events

Rock n Roll Dancers for events

Roue Cyr is a beautiful, hypnotic act, mesmerising onlookers with it’s seamless fluidity. The artist spins, turns and rolls, manipulating this simple wheel with immense precision and c... READ MORE

Brisbane Steelpan Drummer brings you the sweet and sunny music of the Caribbean to make your event happy and very special. She plays the fascinating steelpan and performs calypso, soca, regg... READ MORE

If you are considering hiring a magician, then Stephanie-Lee-Harper is the perfect solution to your needs. Stephanie performs her strolling magic at a wide variety of corporate events includ... READ MORE

Professional Queensland magician/mentalist and corporate entertainer Steven Taputoro will create an astonishing experience with his charming personality and humor for your next eve... READ MORE

The Swinging Martinis are Johnny and Vinny who have been working together in various guises for nearly 20 years and does it show! The Swinging Martinis share the same dress sense (nothing le... READ MORE

Wayne Fleming provides creative solutions to a wide range of graphic and illustration requirements.|Need a Corporate Logo? Landscape design? Or just a Gift idea, such as a Caricature for Unc... READ MORE

Looking to add some fun & laughter to your next event, why not hire a Caricaturist for some Live caricature entertainment! You can hire Brisbane Caricaturist Wayne Ranson to draw your gu... READ MORE