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Brisbane Stilt Walkers group “Ma’Amselle Claire” - Effervescent, exquisite, Ma’amselle Claire steps lightly with beauty and grace. Enveloped in her cloud of bubbles Ma’amselle Claire leaves a trail of enraptured, smiling faces. Watch the bubbles burst their surprises in the sunshine or notice the magic of floating balls in the half-light of evening.

Available to be booked as SOLO, DUO, TRIO, QUARTET or QUINTET


Brisbane Stilt Walkers but more than simply "walkers", these Stilt Performers; whilst strutting, looping and dancing through the crowd, stimulate the imagination, inspire joy and offer an engaging, playful and interactive experience for audiences of various sizes. Our characters are available separately or in combination. While they most frequently appear as a duo, they are also available as solo characters or in groups of 3, 4 or 5.

Available for all types of events.

STAGE SHOWS? While performances are not stage shows per se, we are able to effectively hold an audience in an informal or semi-formal setting. For example our “Jack’n’Jack” show has performed a 20-minute set in front of a grandstand at the races in Mombai, India; and our “Blax” show has performed a 5-minute set for a seated audience at an Audi launch in Seoul, Korea. Our characters can also be combined with other performers within a larger performance context.



Reviewed on 08th Sep 2016

For the past 4 years we have had Claire perform at our Family Fun Day's for Brisbane Festival and we could not be happier with their performance. We are always impressed with their professionalism, infectious energy, engagement of audience and physical expression; ultimately adding to the atmosphere of the festival. They are a must have at any event.

Brisbane Festival, QLD