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The River City Aces was formed through public interest, and the need to fill a historical gap in the early jump, and rhythm & blues genre.

Each member of this Brisbane based band is a high profile performer, or as we like to say, an ‘ace’ in their musical field. Thus, the name River City Aces was born.

This ‘All Star’ line-up presents male lead vocal and harmony from 1935 to 1955, from greats of the era such as Louis Jordon, Wynonie Harris, Louis Prima, The Treniers, Clarence Samuels, Bull ‘Moose’ Jackson, just to name a few.

This melting pot era shows the richness of early rhythm and blues, and how it was a stepping stone toward many of the styles of blues, jazz, and rock that have evolved into their own distinct genres today.

Each musician was hand picked for their roots in early rhythm and blues and attributes much of their musical success to the study and appreciation of this.

In recent years, festival goers have shown great interest in artists who can pass on relevant, and stylistic information to their audiences. Each member of The River City Aces is a scholar of this era, and embraces any opportunity to entertain through music coupled with knowledge.


The River City Aces, with their old school grooves, tongue in cheek lyrics, and instrumental mastery, will have your audience cheering for more.

Available for corporate events, weddings, themed events, concerts, festivals etc...





Reviewed on 15th Dec 2017

They were awesome! Our home owners loved them and rocked the night away.