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“He’ll mess with your mind, in the nicest possible way…”

Brisbane entertainer Xavier presents a form of entertainment unlike no other – a mix of psychology and trickery to create the illusion of Mind Reading. Xavier is a manipulator of thoughts and behavior. A conjurer and theatrical performer, that offers a powerful experience.

‘His performances are modernly elegant with a touch of ‘bizarre’, captivating, yet casually entertaining’.
At exclusive parties and corporate functions in Australia, Xavier enhances the evening with his art and charm, making sure your guests will talk about their evening forever. He is a truly unique performer in Australia, being one of the few entertainers that will amaze you with tricks of the mind. Like a magician, but different.

Xavier offers a stage act for larger audiences, full of energy, sharp humour and audience participation. It is elegant and unique, and he never fails to make it a hit.

For smaller events and dinner parties, Xavier can perform in such a way that the guests are able to experience his skills at close-quarters. Sat or stood at the table, he can offer a more relaxed, intimate and informal style of entertainment that is as profoundly fascinating as it is indulgently exclusive.
Having performed for many different corporate companies including Westpac Bank; Salt Resort; IGA; Conrad Jupiter’s Casino - Hamilton Island and International Amway Conventions – Xavier is guaranteed to make your function or event one to remember.

“The more involved you are in what he is doing, the further away from reality you get.”

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